740.21112A/78: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia ( Lane )

A–1110. Reference your telegram no. 1710 of September 25 concerning Proclaimed List policy: with respect to persons of Italian nationality in view of recent events in Italy.

The Department will shortly; issue a circular instruction on this subject. The following are current views of Interdepartmental Committee:

It is important to bear in mind that additions to the Proclaimed List have been made on the basis of pro-Axis activities and in no case has a person or firm been included solely on the basis of German or Italian nationality. Recent developments with respect to Italy cannot be regarded as requiring any automatic change of status of any Proclaimed List national.

The questions and suggestions of President López, the Banco de la República, and Parrish indicate a belief that Italian nationality has been a basis for inclusion in the list. It is suggested that you make clear to them that such is not the situation but that persons engaged in pro-Axis activities have been put on the list regardless of nationality, including American and British nationals. In other words, persons have been included in the Proclaimed List not because they were Italians but because they were Fascists or Nazis or were working for an Axis victory.

Before consideration could be given to deletion of any particular names there would at the least have to be concrete evidence that the pro-Axis activities which led to inclusion were no longer being carried on.

You are requested to forward a detailed report on the effect of recent events in Italy upon the political sentiments of Italians in Colombia generally and upon Italian Fascists in particular with special regard to pro-Fascist Italians who have been included in the Proclaimed List.