740.0011 European War 1939/32208

The Colombian Chargé (Vargas Nariño) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary: I have instructions from my Government to inform Your Excellency that as a result of the sinking of the Colombian schooner Ruby by a German submarine in Atlantic waters and the assassination of four of its crew and the serious injuries inflicted upon other members of the ship’s company by the same submarine, the Colombian Government, through a declaration made by the Minister of Foreign Relations, recognized the state of belligerency in which Germany has placed itself with respect to Colombia and declared that the Republic will take all measures to defend its external security and to repel future aggressions as well as to intensify its military collaboration with the nations of this continent now at war.

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The Senate of the Republic, after listening to the statements of the Minister of Foreign Relations and analyzing the situation in an extensive debate, approved and ratified by an appreciable majority the international statement adopted by the Government.

I take the opportunity [etc.]

Alberto Vargas Nariño