The American Commissioner, International Boundary Commission ( Lawson ), to Mr. Charles A. Timm of the Division of the American Republics


Dear Dr. Timm: I have received your letter of May 25, 1943,57 relating to conditions on the Lower Colorado River in the matter of diversions of water for use on lands in …

Referring to the numbered questions in your letter, the following answers are submitted:

1. According to our latest report (May 29), actual diversions at Rockwood Heading were then adequate to supply current demands as follows:

Diversion Demands
2,162 s. f.58 (a.m.) 2,130 s. f.

2. Although I have kept Commissioner Fernández MacGregor advised regarding current diversions at Rckwood Heading, as reported by our field engineer at Calexico, I do not know what he may have reported to the Foreign Office.

3. As explained in the fourth paragraph of my letter to the Secretary of State, dated May 25, 1943,57 a copy of which was sent directly to you it seems probable that it will not be possible to divert sufficient water at the Rockwood Heading intake to meet anticipated peak demands of between 3,500 and 4,000 s. f. during July and August, unless a temporary diversion dam is placed in the river at that point. The water which would be thus diverted would, of course, consist entirely of surplus flow in so far as concerns required present uses in the United States.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sincerely yours,

Lawrence M. Lawson
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  2. Second-feet.
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