Memorandum by Mr. Charles A. Timm of the Division of the American Republics to the Adviser on Political Relations (Duggan)

Mr. Duggan: The attached letter from Mr. Lawson53 tends to justify our firm position here on the Mexicali situation.

There is some reason to believe, and I suspect Mr. Lawson has this in view, that certain Mexicans may be trying to induce us to set the precedent of assuring the delivery of a greater amount of water than we now contemplate allocating by treaty. It would seem that both the Imperial District and the Mexicans need careful watching.

It may be that a letter asking these specific questions should be sent to Mr. Lawson:

Are the Mexicali lands actually getting enough water?
Has the Mexican Commissioner specifically advised the Foreign Office that no real shortage exists?
Is there any real danger of a shortage during this growing season?
Should it become necessary or possible to take over the facilities below Pilot Knob,54 would the American Section be in a position immediately to operate them?

  1. Letter dated May 21 from Mr. Lawson to the Secretary of State, not printed.
  2. A spillway or diversion dam in the Colorado River above Yuma.