The President of Guatemala (Ubico) to President Roosevelt


My Very Esteemed Mr. President: Your Excellency is aware that the Government of Guatemala, in fulfillment of international obligations and as a pleasant duty of friendship and cooperation toward the United States of America, has placed all its aid and its resources at the service of the common war effort, within the limit of its means.

As a part of that cooperation it viewed with pleasure the establishment by military forces of the United States on bases on Guatemalan territory, among them one (which was) indispensable for the defense of the Atlantic Coast of the country and of its principal way of access: Puerto Barrios.

At the same time, Guatemalan troops have been perfecting their training to the point that, with the necessary efficiency, they have been able to take charge of the base in Puerto Barrios with its installations and military equipment, which they have received the 24th of the present month from the hands of the United States forces in a solemn ceremony which emphasized the mutual sympathy and friendship existing between the two armed forces.

For this reason I have the honor to express to Your Excellency the satisfaction with which, at a moment of great peril for America, the valued aid of the forces of the United States was accepted, and the gratification with which the Government and the people of Guatemala have received the generous delivery of such important military material.

I have the honor to express to Your Excellency my cordial salutations and the assurances of my high esteem, with which I subscribe myself, your affectionate friend,

Jorge Ubico