814.24/462: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Guatemala ( Long )

447. Your A–255, May 14, 6 p.m.7 The Department’s instruction no. 1689 of May 88 was transmitted prior to the receipt of your despatch no. 3798 of April 13.

Immediately following its receipt, the latter was referred to the War Department which now comments as follows on those points raised in your despatch which have not already been dealt with:

“The equipment located at Puerto Barrios which is to be transferred to Guatemala under Lend-Lease would be charged against the 3 million dollars worth of equipment which Guatemala may receive without charge. In setting a value on this equipment, due allowance will be made for its used condition.

“The transfer to Guatemala of the fixed installations and facilities at Puerto Barrios concurrently with the transfer of the above equipment,[Page 345]is a matter which, it is felt, should be arranged to the mutual satisfaction of the Guatemalan authorities and the Commanding General, Caribbean Defense Command. No difficulties in this respect are anticipated.

“The retention at Puerto Barrios of a training cadre to instruct the Guatemalan troops can be similarly arranged. No need is seen for an exchange of notes in this connection, as suggested by the Chargé d’ Affaires.

“In general, the Commanding General, Caribbean Defense Command is authorized to make all necessary arrangements with the Guatemalan authorities in this matter, and has been instructed to inform the War Department of his plans when they are complete. Your Department will be further advised in this connection when these plans are received.

  1. Not printed; it was addressed to the Department by the Chargé in Guatemala (Drew). Ambassador Long’s assumption of duties was reported in telegram No. 244 of May 19 (123 L 851/381).
  2. Not printed; it transmitted for the Embassy’s information a memorandum dated April 14 from the War Department expressing the opinion, shared by the State Department, that the transfer of military equipment from Puerto Barrios should involve no additional negotiations or changes in existing agreements (814.24/443, 472½).