740.0011 Moscow/39d: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Delegation

1008. Amdel No. 18. The President transmitted Saturday night82 messages to Marshal Stalin83 and Prime Minister Churchill setting [Page 563] forth his understanding of the character of French representation on the Political Military Commission as suggested in your Delam no. I.84 Presumably the text will be available to you at Moscow.

Marshal Stalin replied on October 21, 1943, in a message to President Roosevelt transmitted through the Soviet Ambassador in Washington: “I have received your message of October 17. On my part there is no objection to the proposal contained therein concerning the extent of the rights of the French representative on the Military-Political Commission of the Allied countries.”

Referring to Amdel no. 885 the British Embassy was informed Saturday of your agreement with the presentation of the proposed British memorandum to the Soviet Government prior to the Conference except that the proposed membership status granted the French Committee in either London or Algiers did not accord with the President’s position. The British Embassy stated Saturday that in view of the shortness of time before the Moscow Conference a memorandum had already been presented to the Soviet Government.

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