740.00119 European War 1939/2093

Mr. Hugh R. Wilson of the Office of Strategic Services to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Berle )

Dear Adolf: On the second of November we informed our representative in Bern54 that the J.C.S.55 had instructed us to do what we could to detach the satellite countries, Bulgaria, Hungary and Rumania immediately from the Axis.

We are today in receipt of reply dated December 9th which cites the above mentioned telegram and states that in line with the above, Leland56 has received instructions of an analogous character but dealing [Page 511] with Rumania only. The message then inquires whether they are to pursue the same policy in regard to Hungary.

We are wiring Dulles in reply that the J.C.S. order applied to all three nations and that I am communicating this inquiry to you.

I hope you profited from your vacation.


Hugh R. Wilson
  1. Allen W. Dulles.
  2. Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  3. Leland Harrison, Minister in Switzerland.