740.00119 European War 1939/2051a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile ( MacVeagh ), at Cairo

1916. Your telegram No. 122, Dec. 6, noon. On November 21 the British Embassy informed the Department that a message had been received from Maniu53 indicating his desire to send a special delegate out of Rumania to discuss arrangements for a political changeover in that country. The British Embassy stated that the British Government proposed to reply to Maniu’s message by saying that an emissary would be received on the understanding that his sole function would be to discuss operational details looking to the overthrow of the present regime in Rumania and its replacement by a government prepared to offer unconditional surrender to the three principal Allies. The British stated that the Soviet Government had approved this proposed reply, at the same time indicating its expectation that Soviet representatives would participate in any negotiations which might be carried on with Maniu’s emissary.

The Department gave its agreement to the proposed British reply as approved already by the Soviet Government.

In the light of the foregoing the Department is agreeable to your presence at any conferences which may be held in Cairo with Maniu’s representative provided the Russian Ambassador likewise attends.

The Department will be much interested in your reports of any further developments.

  1. See footnote 45, p. 507.