740.00119 EW 1939/2012½: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile ( MacVeagh ) to the Secretary of State

Greek Series No. 122. Saying that he did so at the behest of Mr. Eden,48 the British Ambassador to Yugoslavia approached me last night with a plan evolved by the British SOE49 to bring out from Rumania an emissary of the Peasant Party Leader, Maniu, who is alleged to be ready, if encouraged, to take action at an early date for the overthrow of the Antonescu Government and the country’s unconditional surrender.

According to a document shown me by the Ambassador and drafted according to him by the SOE it is projected that the emissary will lay before “representatives of Great Britain, the United States and Russia” the plans which Maniu is prepared to carry out. Also according to that document of which the Ambassador said he could not give me a copy, the British and Russian Foreign Offices have been advised for some time of the SOE in this connection and have taken some part in guiding.

The Ambassador said that General Wilson50 has been informed and that it is possible that the emissary will arrive in Cyprus within [Page 509] the next 10 days and be brought to Cairo for a meeting at which the Ambassador suggested that I should act as American “representative” along with himself and the Russian Ambassador to Greece and Yugoslavia.

I replied that I was grateful to Mr. Eden for the above information and would be glad to learn of anything which the emissary might have to say but that I could not meet with the latter unless under instructions. The Ambassador said that he would convey my reply to Sir Alexander Cadogan,51 now here, and possibly also to Mr. Eden. He said he would let me know should it be desired that I pursue the matter further and indicated that the British regard it as promising particularly in the event of Allied forces approaching nearer to Rumanian territory. Meanwhile he requested the most absolute secrecy.

I shall not fail to advise the Department promptly of any developments.

  1. Anthony Eden, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Secret Operations Executive.
  3. Lt. Gen. Sir Henry Maitland Wilson, Commander in Chief of the British Forces in the Middle East.
  4. British Permanent Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.