740.00119 European War 1939/2004: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

3913. Usual contact in Rumanian Legation has received message from Bucharest in reply to question from British regarding identity of two proposed emissaries mentioned in my 3793, November 20, 6 [1] p.m.,46 that “high political personality” whom Rumanian nation and King wish to send to Cairo and London is Constantin Visoiano. Informant said this man had reputation of having been one of most brilliant and capable young men around Titulescu;47 he had been active in league secretariat, that era also Minister in Warsaw and the Hague, but was not career diplomat. Selection “high military officer” has not been made but it is claimed person to be chosen will certainly be qualified in every respect to discuss military angle.

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Informant stated his principals in Rumania hoped emissaries would be able to proceed to London which seemed best place to contact three principal Allied Nations. Soon as British Government assured emissaries would be received it would be informed how and when men would leave. Urgency of matter was stressed inter alia on grounds it might soon become impossible to arrange departure.

Rumanians hoped British, American and Soviet Governments would not refuse to receive emissaries who while not “duly authorized representatives of present Rumanian Government” nevertheless represented King, organized opposition and certain military elements. Not being official representatives of Government they could not make offer of unconditional surrender but they had valuable information with them and what they had to say certainly was “designed to implement and accelerate offer of unconditional surrender”.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Nicholas Titulescu, once Rumanian Minister for Foreign Affairs.