740.00119 European War 1939/1972: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain ( Hayes )

2465. Your 3346, November 15.43 The following telegram was sent to Stockholm, London, Bern, Lisbon and Ankara on November 16:

The Department has been aware of the existence of discrepancies in various recommendations reaching the Rumanians through propaganda and other channels which they may have taken as instructions or advice from the British and ourselves regarding the time and manner of their projected withdrawal from the war. So far as we are aware, however, no intimations to the Rumanians emanating from official American quarters have strayed from the principle of unconditional surrender, while our official propaganda has held to the theme that the Rumanians should withdraw their soldiers from the Russian front, terminate their collaboration with Germany and impede the Nazi war effort by every means at their disposal.

Fully cognizant of the likelihood that premature or ill-prepared action by the Rumanians might entail full German occupation of the country, the Department has itself been particularly mindful of the disadvantages, as against the obvious advantages, that might be expected to attend such an occupation. Our military authorities have now made it clear, however, that it is their considered view that immediate unconditional surrender by Rumania would be desirable even if such surrender were to entail immediate German occupation of the country. In as much as it is recognized that military considerations constitute the ruling factor in any determination of policy in this regard, the Department has now taken the foregoing view as its own. The American position, which is believed to be in accord with the [Page 506] British, may accordingly be summarized for your confidential information and possible background use as follows:

The immediate surrender of Rumania would be in the interest of the Allied cause;
The Allies are interested in no proposals for surrender on other than unconditional terms; and
Any proposals of unconditional surrender should be presented to the three principal Allies, namely Great Britain, Soviet Russia and the United States, by a fully authorized representative of the Rumanian Government.

No reason is known why the Rumanians should await or expect any indication or signal from the Allies before taking action.

You may, in your discretion, convey the sense of the foregoing to members of your staff or responsible representatives of other American agencies who are in a position to ensure its proper use.

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