740.00119 European War 1939/1972: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain (Hayes)

2462. Your no. 3346 November 15.42 The Department concurs fully with the sense of your observations to the Secretary of the Rumanian Legation and your entire treatment of his approach is approved. In accordance with agreed procedure an account of the conversation is being communicated to the British and Soviet Embassies for transmission to their respective governments.

For your information, in one instance in which OSS asked the Department for its views in connection with a somewhat similar approach to an OSS representative in Bern it was suggested that language in the following general terms be employed in providing guidance for use in the event of any further approaches through these channels:

  • “1. The information conveyed to the OSS representative in Bern by a Rumanian diplomatic representative has been brought to the attention of responsible American quarters.
  • 2. The position of Rumania is among those subjects which are receiving the continuing attention of the United States Government in consultation with its principal Allies.
  • 3. Whereas an offer of unconditional surrender addressed to the three principal Allies through a fully authorized representative of the Rumanian Government is the only form of proposal which may be expected to receive serious consideration, there would appear to be no reason why the OSS representative in Bern should refuse to receive further approaches through the channels established in Bern for the purpose of receiving any communications which the Rumanians may wish to make by this means.
  • 4. The Allies meanwhile are taking careful note of the continued participation of Rumania in the prosecution of the war against Russia, as well as all phases of Rumanian collaboration with Germany, Rumania’s treatment of the Jews, and, in general, any actions hostile to the Allied cause or principles.”

The Rumanians have made various peace overtures in Stockholm, Bern, Istanbul and Lisbon. You will be kept currently informed of any future developments that may be reported from these points.

  1. Not printed, but see aide-mémoire dated November 18, supra.