740.00116 E.W.1939/921

The British Embassy to the Department of State

The following announcement was issued from No. 10 Downing Street on the evening of April 21st:

“Reports have been received from several sources that Hitler is making preparations for using poison gas against Russian front. Accordingly His Majesty’s Government take early occasion to renew warning which the Prime Minister9 gave last year viz. that any use of poison gas against their Russian Ally by Nazi or other satellites will immediately be followed by fullest possible use of this process of war upon German munition centres, seaports and other military objectives throughout the whole extent of Germany. British resources and scale of delivery have greatly increased since last year.

“The necessary precautionary measures against German reprisals have already been enjoined by competent authorities throughout the United Kingdom.”

His Majesty’s Government have had to make this announcement urgently in response to a Russian request. They suggest that the United States Government may wish to make some similar announcement in respect of their air forces in the United Kingdom.

  1. Winston S. Churchill.