810.20 Defense/2757: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Paraguay (Frost)

170. Your 234, May 29, noon. The Department does not consider acceptable the phraseology proposed by the Paraguayan Government in the second paragraph of your telegram under reference. There is no assurance that when the “international emergency” disappears it will be consistent with the safety and security of the Hemisphere to facilitate aviation activities in the Hemisphere by non-American companies or citizens. The Department strongly urges that the formula contained in the Department’s 123, April 23 [28], 9 p.m., be used without modification.

Your 230, May 27; 233, May 28; and 236, May 29, 1 p.m. This Government considers it important that the decree contain no language that would operate to give Pan American exclusive rights of a nature which would conflict with our agreement with Pan American as described in the Department’s 123, April 23 [28], 1942 and believes that this result will be best accomplished by a specific provision in the decree that the field may be used by United States publicly owned or duly registered privately owned aircraft and aircraft operated for the United States Government under contract and by any other aircraft authorized by the United States Government and Paraguayan Government. Such reasonable landing fees or charges as Paraguayan laws or regulations may require will be paid by all aircraft using the field except for United States and Paraguayan Government owned aircraft which would of course use the field without payment of fees or charges.