810.20 Defense/2757: Telegram

The Ambassador in Paraguay (Frost) to the Secretary of State

234. My 233, May 28, 7 p.m. Paraguayan Government is prepared to modify article 9 of air field contract so that first phrase will read as follows “The General Aeronautics Administration shall be able to utilize the airport in such cases and during such time as may be necessary,” This change was worked out by me with Argaña to make clear the intermittent and non-definitive character of the Paraguayan Government’s utilization of the field.

Referring to the Department’s telegram no. 123, April 28, 9 p.m., Paraguayan Government will insert in the contract the phraseology suggested by the Department if there be added to it the following “while the present international emergency continues, after the disappearance of which there will be concerted new bases or conditions for the utilization of the air field by non-American companies or citizens”. Non-American signifies non-Western Hemisphere.

I have the honor to recommend acceptance of contract as offered by the Paraguayan Government with the above changes. Contract for Concepción Field would be immediately granted on same general terms, allowing for fact that it will be a military field. Please telegraph at earliest convenience as contract must be approved by Council of State which meets June 2 and June 5.