811.20 Defense (M)/5839a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Panama (Wilson)

164. Rubber Reserve Company75 is prepared to enter into commitment with Panamanian Government to purchase entire production of rubber in Panama except for an appropriate amount (to be agreed upon) necessary for domestic consumption, at price of thirty-five cents per pound c. & f. United States continental port for usual good quality Castilloa rubber as understood in New York, with appropriate differentials for other grades. The term of the agreement would be for 5 years, unless sooner terminated by mutual consent. The Government of Panama would agree to restrict export licenses to Rubber Reserve Company or its nominees. The exportation of manufactured rubber, if any, would be restricted to the United States. Panama would agree to use its best efforts to cause maximum amount of rubber to be produced and made available for sale to Reserve. Local labor would be financed locally for necessities for collecting rubber. Some governmental agency, if desirable, would be designated as the single buying agency, otherwise sales would be made through usual trade channels now in existence. Price on sales to Rubber Reserve would also be fixed as local sales price.

Foregoing proposal corresponds generally to agreements entered into with Brazilian Government on March 3.76

For your information we understand certain American republics are negotiating to acquire rubber production in some Latin American countries. Please consult immediately proper Panamanian authorities and request their prompt consideration of proposal. If Panamanian authorities agreeable in principle to sale of rubber to United [Page 635] States, Rubber Reserve willing to enter into an agreement immediately to acquire it. Upon consummation of purchasing agreement we will be prepared to discuss with Panamanian authorities any useful joint arrangements to increase rubber production.

  1. A purchasing agency of the Department of Commerce.
  2. See bracketed note and telegram No. 640, March 13, 7 p.m., to the Ambassador in Brazil, vol. v, p. 692.