The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Cuba (Braden)

No. 169

The Secretary of State refers to a telephone conversation this afternoon between the Counselor and an officer of the Division of the American Republics with respect to the 10,000,000 gallon blackstrap transaction, and encloses original and signed copy of a letter of June 2510 from the Defense Supplies Corporation to the Cuban Sugar Stabilization Institute. Also enclosed is a copy of the transmitting letter from the Corporation to the Department.11

The Department hopes that the arrangement proposed by the Corporation at the request of the Cuban Price Control Commission will be found satisfactory by both the Commission and the Sugar Institute and that the Institute will confirm it by addressing a letter or returning the acceptance form to the Corporation without delay. The Department also hopes that there will be no difficulty in view of the real service this concession represents to the Cuban authorities in obtaining the Cuban Government’s endorsement. The Ambassador will understand that the Corporation in outlining the terms of the arrangement has made the maximum concessions it considers feasible, and there can be no question of further negotiation or discussion of the terms.

  1. According to this letter the Defense Supplies Corporation agreed to release to the Institute 10,000,000 gallons of blackstrap from certain mills and under certain stipulations as to weight, freight and other charges, and sampling. The Institute agreed to deliver to the Corporation an equal quantity of molasses at specified port terminals prior to March 1, 1943, free of all charges.
  2. Not printed.