867.24/241: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (Steinhardt)

115. Your no. 230, March 30, 4 p.m. The Department appreciates the need of a master Lend-Lease agreement with Turkey and has the matter under consideration at the present time. All negotiations leading up to the agreement will be handled here. You will be kept fully informed.

Meanwhile it is highly important that no erroneous impression be given the Turkish authorities as to the obligations and responsibilities assumed by a country receiving Lend-Lease assistance. There is a distinct obligation on the part of the recipient to pay in money or repay in kind or property or any benefit that the President of the United States may deem satisfactory. There is a further responsibility as to the handling of the goods received. This Government will also expect a commitment in favor of liberal trade and commercial policies after the war.

It is impossible to determine the terms of settlement in advance, but you should not convey the idea to the Turkish authorities that Lend-Lease supplies are gifts.

Please be careful to avoid any actual or implied commitment regarding probable terms until further advice from the Department on the progress of negotiations.