867.24/242: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Steinhardt) to the Secretary of State

230. For Oscar Cox, General Counsel, Lend-Lease Administration, from Kaufman.21 The term lend-lease has apparently never been understood [Page 691] by the Turks. Since his arrival the Ambassador has explained to the Turkish authorities that the Turkish Government is not required to pay the United States or the British Government for the lend-lease material that is being shipped. It would therefore be very helpful if a master lend-lease agreement with Turkey could be signed. Such a document should make it clear just what the term lend-lease means in so far as Turkey is concerned. The agreement could be negotiated at least in part here if that is deemed desirable. [Kaufman.]

  1. Frank A. Kaufman, representative of the Lend-Lease Administration in Turkey.