740.0011 European War 1939/26567a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé at Tangier (Childs)

267. In conversation with Ambassador Hayes on December 7, Foreign Minister Jordana suggested that a good effect would be produced if the Commander in Chief of the American forces should call upon General Orgaz in Spanish Morocco. This suggestion was passed on to the War Department, which has now signified its intention to ask General Patton to call upon General Orgaz. Although [Page 525]it was proposed that General Eisenhower should call upon General Orgaz, the latter will appreciate that it would be difficult for Eisenhower to absent himself from the theatre of war during the present military operations. General Patton has therefore been designated in his stead, but General Eisenhower will hope to give himself the pleasure of calling on General Orgaz at an early date.

You are therefore directed to make the necessary arrangements with General Orgaz and inform General Eisenhower by direct communication to Murphy,96 bearing in mind the following views expressed by the Department to the War Department at the request of the latter. These views are for your confidential information and guidance.

This should be a courtesy call of a purely military nature and with no diplomatic implications. It should be effected simply, in the most normal way, and with as little ceremony as possible.
It is understood that this step will be taken without consultation with the British, but that the British will be informed of the decision by our General Staff. You should not make any communication on the subject to your British colleague except as you may deem necessary after the event.

Report developments to the Department. Madrid advised.

  1. Robert D. Murphy, Chief Civil Affairs Officer of Allied Forces in French North Africa.