Mr. Harry A. McBride, Special Representative of President Roosevelt in Liberia, to the President of Liberia ( Barclay )

My Dear Mr. President: When I last had the honor of conferring with you, I informed you that among the urgent defense measures which the United States War Department felt were necessary at this time, was the immediate construction of a road connecting the Roberts Field Airport with a point on the Du River opposite the Town of Marshall, and also the allocation of land on the north bank of the Du River to be used for the construction of docks and landing facilities, as well as land for an emergency landing strip for airplanes just west of the Town of Marshall between the Du River and ocean.

The War Department desires to proceed with the utmost possible expedition in this construction so that it may be finished within a very short space of time.

It is my understanding that, in urgent measures to be taken for the defense and protection of the Republic, the construction of the above facilities may be proceeded with immediately, and it would be greatly appreciated if you would be good enough to confirm this understanding.

Faithfully yours,

H. A. McBride