882.7962/66: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Wharton) to the Secretary of State

84. From McBride. Department’s 54, March 13, 9 p.m. As soon as defense force arrives President Barclay intends to start general censorship in Liberia as strict as possible under the circumstances.

Associated Press correspondent is Mrs. Donna Elizabeth Jamieson, wife of Firestone employee, address W. L. Jamieson, Fredonia, Pennsylvania. She is presumably leaving shortly by air for the United States with other American women.

All mail from Liberia and radiograms, including Harbel–Akron,15a should be censored in United States, also only private mail being carried by plane, passengers or crew.

On arrival of nucleus force strict patrol should be instituted to prevent any unauthorized person from approaching Roberts Field Airport. When larger forces arrive patrols should be increased and thrown around all camp sites. Censorship will also have to be instituted in Post Offices of United States forces.

Is there anything further that could be done here? [McBride.]

  1. Akron, Ohio, home office of the Firestone Company.