741.9111/39: Telegram

President Roosevelt to the Shahanshah of Iran (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi)

I have received Your Imperial Majesty’s communication informing me that the Imperial Iranian Government has entered into a treaty of alliance with the Governments of Great Britain and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. I have taken note of this treaty and am gratified to observe among its provisions an undertaking by the Allied Powers to respect the territorial integrity, the sovereignty and the political independence of Iran, as well as certain undertakings of Your Imperial Majesty to cooperate with the Allied Powers in their struggle against cruel aggressors who seek to deny the right of free peoples to exist. In keeping with the traditional friendship which has existed for so long between our countries, it is my hope that the conclusion of this treaty will foster the peaceful development of Iran and ensure the prosperity of Your Imperial Majesty’s people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt