891.20/143a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Iran ( Dreyfus )

148. About 10 days ago the Iranian Minister informed us that his Government agreed to General Greely’s designation provided he would be an officer of the Iranian Government. We explained that for the present Greely could act only in an advisory capacity as an American Army officer but that legislation would be sought to enable him to work more closely with Iranian Government. The Minister again cabled his Government to explain this situation and to recommend agreement to the temporary arrangement proposed.

The Minister has received no reply to his last cable, and the War Department is anxious to have a decision with the least possible delay, [Page 240] as it dislikes keeping Greely inactive for so long a period. Please take any steps you may consider proper to expedite decision by the Iranian Government.

Because of the shortage of experienced officers, in the light of the great demands being made on our Army, it is our impression that General Greely is probably the only man whom the War Department would be willing to release for the Intendant General post.