The Assistant Secretary of State (Berle) to the British Minister (Campbell)

My Dear Sir Ronald: I acknowledge the receipt of your communication of December 29, 1942 concerning the Department’s note of December 17, 1942 to the Embassy, relative to the interpretation of the Agreement of January 31, 1942 between the United Kingdom and Ethiopia as it affects American aviation interests.

[Page 119]

It is observed that in the submission of the Embassy’s note of November 16, 1942 there was no intention of departing from the terms of the aide-mémoire exchanged between the Department and your Embassy, which dealt with the subject of air transportation in Africa. Under the circumstances, it is felt that the placing of your explanation on record in the Department will be sufficient and that it will not be necessary to submit a revised text of the Embassy’s note of November 16, last.

Sincerely yours,

A. A. Berle, Jr.