The British Minister (Campbell) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Berle)

My Dear Mr. Assistant-Secretary: I am writing to you on the subject of the State Department’s official note No. 844.00/53745 of December 17th regarding air transport rights in Ethiopia.

The word “across” does not appear in our original instructions from the Foreign Office. It was inserted by the drafter of our note No. 913 of November 16th, in a mistaken endeavour to make the position clear. Our instructions from the Foreign Office on this point read as follows:—

“Notwithstanding the terms of paragraph (c) of Article 11, we have no intention as regards United States aircraft to depart from the terms of your aide-mémoire of July 25th [28th],46 and we are prepared now and at all times, etc.”

You can therefore be assured that no special significance attaches to the use in our note No. 913 of the word “across”. You may think it desirable that we should send you a revised text of the aide-mémoire of November 16th, substituting for the words “when dealing with the question of flights of United States aircraft across Ethiopia”, the words “as regards United States aircraft”. Perhaps you would let me know?

Very sincerely yours,

R. I. Campbell
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