The Greek Minister (Diamantopoulos) to the Acting Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I am instructed by my Government to convey to the President the heartfelt thanks of His Majesty the King and the Prime Minister for the keen interest he showed in the question of supplying foodstuffs to Greece, to which I had the honor of calling his attention last week.

Concerning the President’s suggestion about Mr. Henry Morgenthau,20 my Government wish to state that no one in Greece has forgotten the valuable and devoted services Mr. Morgenthau rendered during the trying years of the influx of the Greek refugees from Asia Minor.

I desire also to advise Your Excellency that according to latest information from our Legation in Ankara the situation in Greece is becoming worse and worse, and that any decision would be most welcome.

With kindest regards [etc.]

C. Diamantopoulos
  1. Henry Morgenthau, Chairman of the Greek Refugee Settlement Commission established by the League of Nations, 1923. For correspondence regarding activities of the United States on behalf of Greek refugees, see Foreign Relations, 1922, vol. ii, pp. 414 ff., and ibid., 1923, vol. ii, pp. 318 ff.↩