The King of the Hellenes (George II) to President Roosevelt 19

On behalf of my distressed and suffering countrymen, may I appeal to you, Mr. President, as the head of the great American Nation, whose beneficent help and humanitarian ideals have contributed so much to alleviate man’s suffering throughout the world, to inaugurate relief for Greece by supplying its eight million inhabitants with the bare necessities of life. If this relief is not granted immediately the present appalling situation will continue and thousands more of my countrymen will surely die of starvation. An outstanding citizen of your country could, with the aid of the International Red Cross Committee, rally the necessary support and thus prevent what threatens to be one of the great tragedies of modern times.

Due to the fact that the quickest possible way of supplying Greece is the purchasing and transporting of foodstuffs from the Middle East, principally from Turkey, I venture to suggest that the American personality in question be provided with the necessary funds and be entrusted with the task of coordinating and supervising on the spot the whole effort.

George II
  1. Sent to the Under Secretary of State by President Roosevelt on February 12, with the following memorandum: “This was brought in by the Greek Minister and I talked the situation over with him. I do not know whether this calls for a reply or not. What do you think? F.D.R.”