811.24551U/9: Telegram

The Consul at Brazzaville (Taylor) to the Secretary of State

95. Department’s 111. No incident would occur here unless ordered from London in which case instructions would probably be followed. Local authorities want to please Americans but are afraid to move without instructions from London. (See report July 2531 and despatch 3632). Because of vacillating attitude of French here American Army has decided not to put hospital, post office et cetera at Pointe Noire but at Leopoldville. Pointe Noire is now considered only United States refuelling depot on way to Leopoldville.

Reference Department’s 85,30 no troops will debark at Pointe Noire, rerouted to Matadi arriving August 26.

French Captain Morgan in charge construction airport Pointe Noire has been transferred because too friendly with Americans.

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