703.5492/19: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

1775. American interests—Thailand. Department’s 948, April 15. Swiss Legation Tokyo telegraphed April 24 as follows:

“Gaimusho50 states inquiry made regarding situation at Bangkok and Thai authorities have been asked to make most favorable dispositions possible for the American diplomats. In view progress of diplomatic exchange negotiations Japanese authorities grant necessary facilities to Swiss Consulate for protection American interests and Thai Government has been asked to consider favorably question of correspondence between Swiss Consul and American Minister. For interviews between two last named a formula has been found which will avoid difficulties in future. Dental treatment has been furnished by Japanese dentist and American Minister on March 30 declared himself satisfied. Regarding domestics the authorities cannot for certain reasons allow the retention of those whom members of Legation desire to keep but nevertheless all facilities are being accorded to members.”

  1. Japanese Foreign Office.