740.00115 Pacific War/432: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

1616. American interests—Thailand. Department’s 726, March 20. Swiss Consul Bangkok telegraphs April 15 (English text):

“Thai Foreign Affairs answered 11th April: (1st) Enemy aliens are either interned or detained in accordance with international practice; (2d) His Majesty’s Government is already treating American internees in Thailand in accordance with the principle of humanity. Moreover, the number of interned American nationals is relatively very small and as the United States Government has not [now]49 agreed to the exchange of non-resident nationals as proposed by His [Page 932]Majesty’s Government and the repatriation of resident nationals is also being considered it would appear that the desired extension of the humanitarian provisions of the convention relating to the treatment of prisoners of war 1929 to civilian internees and detainees is unnecessary. Any recommendations in connection with the treatment of such persons can of course be amicably considered as in the past; (3d) Owing to military necessity representatives of the protecting power have to follow certain procedure adopted for their visit to places of internment or detainment. This procedure is necessary in view of military operations being conducted close to Thailand; (4th) There are no representatives of the International Red Cross in Thailand.”

  1. Correction based on telegram No. 1967, May 8, from the Minister in Switzerland.