703.5492/20: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

1952. American interests—Thailand. Department’s 948, April 15. Swiss Consul Bangkok telegraphed following May 4:

“[Ministry for] Foreign Affairs answered April 30: ‘that the servants who are in the employment of the American Legation are already [Page 933]sufficient for the purpose. With regard to communications between the Swiss Consul and the American Minister, no limitation is imposed but owing to the military necessity such communications must be censored’.51

To date received 30 letters out of 52 written by Peck. I wrote Peck 26 letters up to April 8 of which 3 not delivered and 1 probably not though without advice. Since April 8 have written 11 letters but receipt not yet acknowledged.”

  1. In telegram No. 2183, May 20, the Minister in Switzerland quoted a report of the Swiss Consul at Bangkok on his visit to Mr. Peck on May 14. The report indicated that the conference, attended by Thai and Japanese officials, “took place without going into minute details and course of visit represented an improvement over former visits although still far from free intercourse.” (703.5492/21)