793.94/17077b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

596. Please deliver to General Chiang Kai-shek the following statement and inform him that it is the text of a message from the President to him as President of the Executive Yuan and Generalissimo of the Armies and through him to the people of China on the occasion of the Fifth Anniversary of the attack on China by Japan. The message is being broadcast from the United States to China on July 6 through the agency of the Office of War Information:

“In the name of the people of the United States, your fighting allies in this war for freedom, I greet you on this anniversary of the most despicable attack on you in all your long and noble history.

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The people of the United States hail you as brothers-in-arms in the great and difficult tasks remaining before the free and freedom-loving peoples of all the earth.

We are united as nations and peoples have never before been united. We are united to the end that the common aims of civilized men and women shall become actual and universal.

Five years ago, at the Marco Polo Bridge, you started your fight against the forces of darkness which were hurled against your country and your civilization.

You know, and all the world knows, how well you have carried on that fight, which is the fight of all mankind.

Increasingly, your arms and our arms will thrust back the enemy.

You, the people of China, and we, the people of the United States and the United Nations, will fight on together to victory, to the establishment of peace and justice and freedom throughout the world. Franklin D. Roosevelt.”61

  1. For answer by Generalissimo Chiang, see communication of July 7, p. 103.