811.42793/571: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

246. Reference your telegram No. 280, March 27, 9 a.m. Department is proceeding with arrangements for selecting the ten specialists desired by the Chinese Government to the end that they may leave for China as soon as feasible. The amount available in the current fiscal year for the purpose of affording technical assistance to China (including salaries, transportation to China and return, and per diem en route) was originally considered sufficient for 20 persons, but increased transportation costs have necessitated reduction to 10. In [Page 708]this connection Department would appreciate having your opinion as to whether it would be advisable for us to approach the Chinese Government with the suggestion that necessary quarters and transportation in China be furnished gratis by the Chinese Government to these specialists and to any others who may be sent to China under similar circumstances.

A preliminary estimate of about 30 specialists to be sent to China during the 1943 fiscal year was submitted by the Department last November to the Bureau of the Budget. In connection with forthcoming budget hearings the Department would be glad to receive from you as early as possible your own estimate (necessarily tentative) of the number and types of specialists who, under foreseeable circumstances, could be of greatest utility to China during the 1943 fiscal year.

The Department would appreciate more precise information regarding the type of mechanical engineer referred to in numbered paragraph 4 of your reference telegram.

Department understands that Major Pyle, army veterinarian, and one assistant have been sent to China by the Army under lend-lease and are due to arrive shortly in Chungking. As it is understood that these men have been sent to perform special duties in China, the Department assumes that they are to be considered as in addition to the 10 specialists now desired by the Chinese Government.