893.6208/10½: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

280. Department’s 130, February 24, 9 p.m. Specialist for China. The Embassy has received note from the Foreign Office enclosing a list of experts desired which reads as follows: [Page 707]

  • “1. For service with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: one corn and potato breeder (to breed good corn and potato varieties for increasing yield and improving qualities, and to select varieties resistant to diseases and insects). One insecticide and fungicide expert (to give directions and suggestions on manufacturing fungicide and insecticide on large scale, and to study possibilities of using native materials for manufacturing insecticide and fungicide). One veterinary expert (to improve and research in the manufacturing methods of veterinary serum and vaccine, to train personnel in veterinary serum and vaccine manufacturing, and to improve and apply the methods in epizootic prevention).
  • 2. For service with the National Health Administration: Two experts in pharmaceutical chemistry (to manufacture inorganic salts and special drugs sulfanilamide, sulfathiazole, sulfaguanidine, neoarsphenamine and vitamins).
  • 3. For service with the Ministry of Education: One chemical engineer (inspiring teacher); one mechanical engineer (inspiring teacher).
  • 4. Ministry of Economic Affairs: one chemical engineer (to manufacture nitric compounds). One mechanical engineer (to do planning of mechanical industries).
  • 5. For service with the Ministry of Communications: One mechanical engineer to give advice on long distance telephone and radio equipment.”

The list represents the deliberated choice of the Chinese Government after the Department’s program had been carefully explained by the Embassy to various Ministries and interested Chinese officials.

The matter will be explained more fully by mail despatch.12

Reply to other portions of the Department’s reference telegram will be made as the Embassy is able to obtain from the Chinese the information desired.

  1. Despatch No. 344, March 31, not printed.