Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Mackay)

Mr. Hayter telephoned to Mr. Mackay and, after referring to his conversation with Mr. Hamilton on January 15 in regard to the attitude of the British authorities in Burma toward American Lend-Lease supplies consigned to China, said that as the Chinese Government had been made aware of the various factors which had occasioned the removal by the British authorities of Lend-Lease supplies consigned [Page 576]to China, and as in consequence thereof misunderstanding and ill-feeling on the part of the Chinese had been dissipated, the British Government, contrary to its original intention, had decided that it was no longer necessary or advisable to approach General Chiang Kai-shek in regard to the matter and that therefore no such approach would be made.

Mr. Mackay thanked Mr. Hayter for bringing this development to the attention of the Department.