740.0011 Pacific War/2618: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

812. The various messages and addresses made by Chinese officials to the Chinese people on the “double seventh” were characterized by a calm confidence and by a determination to see the war through to a successful conclusion.

General Chiang spoke of the responsibilities which collaboration with the United Nations imposed upon China, dealt particularly with America’s supremely important duty in the Pacific from a naval point of view, warned against giving credence to reports that allied strategy accorded the Pacific war a place of second importance and urged Chinese “to depend on yourselves to exert your utmost to fulfill your duty”.

General Ho Ying-chin said that, with increased foreign aid, the “morale of the Chinese army was never higher”; that on the Kiangsi-Chekiang [Page 103] front the Japanese had scored only local victories; and that Chinese forces remained intact and ready to counter attack.

Finance Minister Kung spoke with confidence of China’s ability, with foreign financial assistance and internal measures, to meet her economic difficulties. Rise of prices constituted the most serious problem, he said, and promised to meet it through price regulation, restriction of bank credit and increased productions.

Dr. Sun Fo predicted victory and restoration to China of all territory lost since the Sino-Japanese war of 1894. With regard to postwar reconstruction, he stated that China has still far to go toward the consummation of democracy politically, economically and socially.

Chen Li-fu, Minister of Education, pointed out that China’s resistance is no myth or miracle; that it is based on determination, hatred of the enemy and staunch war effort. “China will never compromise with Japan,” he said.

While allowance must be made for the fact that these statements are for public consumption on a significant anniversary, the Embassy considers them a reflection somewhat exaggerated of a sincere Chinese feeling that China will be able to weather the storm and come through victorious with the other United Nations. Vincent returning from Yunnanfu states that he found a similar feeling among the officials and businessmen with whom he conversed there.