125.3511/81: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan (Grew)

489. Dairen’s July 29, 11 a.m., and August 2, noon, to Tokyo and 6, August 5, 5 p.m.13 The Department assumes that, on the basis of the telegrams under reference and in accordance with the Department’s wishes as indicated in its 132, July 31, 5 p.m., to Peiping, the Embassy is lodging an emphatic protest with the Japanese Foreign Office in this matter. It is our opinion that the conduct of the Dairen authorities toward the American Consulate and their interference with the legitimate activities of the Consulate evidence a desire on the part of those authorities to make the position of the American Consul and his assistants intolerable and seem especially reprehensible in the light of the courteous treatment by American officials and freedom from interference in the performance of their recognized duties which is enjoyed by Japanese consular officers in this country.

  1. None printed.