Memorandum by the Adviser on Political Relations (Hornbeck)

Reference, Dairen’s telegram via Peiping: 6, August 5, 5 p.m.12 This telegram is only one of many that we have had, not alone and in great numbers during the last few days but stretched over the period [Page 789] of the last 10 years, giving account of illegitimate interference with the legitimate activities of our nationals, both civilian and official, in the Far East, by Japanese authorities of one type or another. This particular telegram brings into sharp focus the nuisance activities in which such Japanese authorities are engaging in regard to our official establishments.

The time has come when, in my opinion, we should take strong action with regard to this matter. As regards this particular feature, I think the time has come when we should warn the Japanese Government that if it does not give clear indication of substantially effective effort on its part to put an end to these nuisance practices, we will dismiss the Japanese consular establishments from this country. Of course, if and when we give such a warning, we should be fully prepared to carry through, should it become necessary, with execution of the measure which we threaten to take. [Note: There are in addition plenty of other good reasons which contribute to the warrant for the taking of such action.]12a

S[tanley] K. H[ornbeck]
  1. Not printed; in it Consul A. S. Chase reported police at Dairen were stopping and questioning persons entering or leaving the Consulate, examining documents carried by messengers, and intimidating employees of the Consulate and its staff.
  2. Brackets appear in the original.