Volumes IV and V of the Foreign Relations series for 1941 are being published prior to the other volumes for the year in order to supply chronological background on the Far East for the special series on China, 1942–1949, which is now in preparation.

A considerable amount of the diplomatic correspondence for 1941 on the Far East is contained in Foreign Relations of the United States, Japan, 1931–1941, Volumes I and II, published in 1943. Papers there printed for the most part are not reproduced in the present volumes.

The Foreign Relations annual volumes are compiled in the Historical Division, G. Bernard Noble, Chief, under the direction of the Chief of the Foreign Relations Branch (Editor of Foreign Relations), E. R. Perkins, and of the Assistant Chief of the Branch, Gustave A. Nuermberger. The compilers of Volumes IV and V were John G. Reid (Chief of the Far East Section), Louis E. Gates, and Ralph R. Goodwin.

The Division of Publishing Services is responsible with respect to Foreign Relations for the proofreading and editing of copy, the preparation of indexes, and the distribution of printed copies. Under the general direction of the Chief of the Division, Robert L. Thompson, the editorial functions mentioned above are performed by the Foreign Relations Editing Branch in charge of Elizabeth A. Vary.

E. R. Perkins

Editor of Foreign Relations