740.0011 P. W./194

The Australian Minister (Casey) to the Adviser on Political Relations (Hornbeck)

My Dear Hornbeck: In a telegram from Tokyo, dated April 13th, Sir John Latham has expressed the following views:—

[Page 128]

The story of the imminence of a direct attack on Singapore may be a deliberately planned attempt to find out the United States reaction, or an actual plan prepared by the army and navy unknown to the Foreign Office and some of the Government, which is always possible in Japan.

This could account for the report being at complete variance with the information confidentially received that the Japanese Foreign Minister while in Europe, was very resistant to the attempts of Germany and Italy to involve Japan in war.

If it is true, the best preventatives are signs that Singapore is alert and prepared, preparations for immediate air etc. reinforcements from Australia, and some indication that the United States is prepared and ready to move at a moment’s notice.

I am [etc.]

R. G. Casey