881.822/201: Telegram

The Chargé at Tangier ( Childs ) to the Secretary of State

240. My 239.51 In addition to agreeing upon the text of the note quoted in my 239 the Cape Spartel Commission unanimously agreed on the following pending instruction which may be received by the members of the Commission:

Archives to be retained by the Commission and delivery to the Spanish authorities refused in case a request for them is made.
Inventory to be made of all materials belonging to the Commission now on hand at the lighthouse.
No payments to be made from the funds belonging to the Commission except those for which engagements have been made prior to June 4 midnight. Another meeting of Commission will be held as soon as the members have received relevant instructions from their governments.

As the Department realizes, the Cape Spartel Lighthouse is the most important lighthouse within the vicinity of the Straits of Gibraltar and its proper functioning is highly important and often essential [Page 584] to the safe navigation of these Straits. The members of Commission present this morning in informal discussions among themselves felt very strongly that the high-handed decision of the Spanish authorities was taken most probably under pressure of the German Government, which may wish to install its own personnel or one subject to its control at the lighthouse in order to interfere with Allied shipping and to provide a means of communication with Axis shipping.

Repeated to Madrid.

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