883.24/13: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

744. Department’s 174, May 26, 7 p.m., penultimate paragraph. Egyptian Government has been unable so far to furnish information regarding commodities in its priority list in sufficient detail to serve as basis for placing orders with producers and its present basis to leave the procurement of these commodities to the usual commercial channels. It has, however, supplied the Legation with its estimates in metric tons of the minimum requirements from the United States during the next year of the commodities named in its priority list as contained in the Legation’s 571, May 23, 3 p.m. as follows:

Chemical fertilizers 300,000, medicine and medicinal preparations 5,000, chemical agricultural insecticides 1,000, chemicals and products for photography and fumigation 180, lubricating oils 26,400, caustic soda 4,000, fatty substances and greases 16,000, tanning substances 2,500, artificial indigo 80, coal tar dyes 320, cables, ropes, copper wires not insulated 360, nails and galvanized wires for nails, bolts and cants 6,000, spare parts for motor cars and agricultural machines 2,500, rubber and manufactures thereof 2,000, newsprint and magazine paper 4,800, cigarette paper 400, packing paper 8,000, machine belts 16, motorcars and motorlorries courthouse [sic] and iron bars 12,000, sheets of steel or iron 20,000, pipes 4,000, boilers 260, pumps 200, engines, stationary steam or internal combustion 2,000, tractors 600, generators, motors, electric, 800, hoops, iron or steel, 9,000, structural iron or steel 4,000, copper and brass and manufactures thereof 400, manufactured sheet iron or steel 800, timber 80,000.