Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Secretary of State

The Soviet Ambassador called to see me this evening at his request. The Ambassador said that with regard to the conversations which he had been having with Mr. Acheson and other officials of this Government concerning the placing of orders for the items on the lists which had already been handed to this Government, there had been as yet absolutely no implementation. He said, as an example, that his Government had been deeply gratified by the assurances given concerning the deliveries which could be made of toluol, but that no indication had as yet been given as to where it could be obtained, how it could be obtained or when it could be delivered. He said that with regard to the rubber factories already set up which they had been informed they could purchase for removal to the Soviet Union, he had not yet been given any information as to where the factories were or how they could be obtained.

I told the Ambassador that every effort was being made to expedite decisions and the granting of helpful information regarding these problems and that I was confident that he would find that the information desired would shortly be forthcoming.

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