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  3. For previous correspondence regarding the regulation of tin production and export, see Foreign Relations, 1940, vol. ii, pp. 288 ff. The United States was not a party to the 1937 agreement which was signed on behalf of the tin-producing states: Belgian Congo, Bolivia, French Indochina, Malay States, Netherlands East Indies, Nigeria, and Siam; for text of the agreement, see British Cmd. 5879; Papers Relating to the International Tin Control Scheme, p. 3.
  4. The representatives of the Governments participating did not meet continuously throughout this period, but the work of the different sessions was of a continuous nature. Sessions were held July 10–August 3, 1941; October 14, 1941–February 28, 1942; and on April 22, 1942. For note regarding proposal in 1939 for a wheat conference, see Foreign Relations, 1939, vol. ii, p. 27.