811.24546/26: Telegram

The Minister to the Netherlands Government in Exile (Biddle) to the Secretary of State

Netherlands Series 38. Your 32 and 33, October 15 and 20 and my 31, October 22. Following is substance of Netherlands Foreign Office note of November 4.

In reply to request concerning landing bases on the islands of Celebes, Ambon and Tarakan, Netherlands Government is prepared to cooperate in establishing air route between Hawaii and Philippine Islands.
As arrangements concern aerodromes of military importance Netherlands Government suggests that all discussions be conducted entirely between Commanding General of United States Army Forces in the Far East, Manila and Netherlands Indies Army Staff. Netherlands Government feels this would ensure speedy and competent exchange of all necessary data of a technical nature.
The suggestion that blanket permission be granted to communicate with local officials for the purpose of making surveys or for the entry of necessary construction parties does not appeal to the Netherlands Government. It would seem preferable that questions of communications be settled by the military authorities.
Netherlands Government deeply appreciates offer to provide financial and technical assistance. Question of technical assistance seems one best left for discussion to the military authorities. As regards financial assistance Netherlands Government prefers that expense incurred in improvement of aerodromes in Netherlands East Indies be borne by Netherlands Indies Treasury.
Work is already in progress to improve landing bases in question.