340.1115A/2034: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany (Morris) to the Secretary of State

2423. Department’s 1615, June 711 and 1695, June 14, 9 p.m. On June 14 the entire question of transit in German-occupied territory for Americans was again discussed at the Foreign Office by an officer of the Embassy and a written communication was addressed to the Foreign Office setting forth the difficulties which have been encountered and inquiring whether the practice of the German Government had recently been subject to any modifications of a general nature in this respect. While no formal reply has yet been received the conversations at the Ministry do not indicate that any satisfactory explanation of these difficulties may be expected. The impression has been gained that these delays and inconveniences are simply one form of German retaliation for what they hold to have been improper treatment of certain Germans in the United States, particularly the group which is said to have left New York in April on a Spanish boat and to have been subjected to various indignities at the time of their departure.

In these circumstances I am afraid that this Embassy is powerless to bring about any real improvement of the situation and that our citizens in Scandinavia, Central Europe and the Balkans must continue to expect unsympathetic treatment in all requests to the German authorities for transit permits and other travel facilities until something has occurred to cause the German Government to feel that the administration of such treatment is no longer desirable.

Repeated to Vichy, Budapest, Bucharest, Rome and Bern.

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