740.0011 European War 1939/9056: Telegram

The Minister in Bulgaria (Earle) to the Secretary of State

130. The following are some observations on the German occupation here.

German officers and soldiers are at least three times as numerous in Sofia as they were on January 1 in Bucharest.
In spite of the fact that Sofia was a well policed city German soldiers are now directing three-fourths of the city’s traffic.
There is a steadily increasing intimacy between Bulgarian and German soldiers, the Germans making every effort to cultivate the Bulgarians’ friendship.
The menus at hotels and restaurants are steadily decreasing in size and rationing is now in effect for practically every article of food and all clothing. I have been unable to get coffee or tea for my house for 3 days.
Members of this Legation are confined to the city limits of Sofia.
The quantity of German motor vehicles with supplies and troops passing south through Sofia was greater yesterday than at any time.
The two Petroff sisters, ladies in waiting to the Queen and the elder holding ministerial rank, were given short notice to get out of Sofia. They have left for Budapest where they will be given a small income by the King. They were very outspoken at all times in favor of the English.
The Bulgarian people are openly apathetic to the occupation demonstrating neither approval nor disapproval. There is unquestionably, however, a steadily growing undercurrent of resentment at the increasing scarcity of food and the Bulgarians among themselves speak of the Germans as “grasshoppers”.