The Iranian Minister (Schayesteh) to the Under Secretary of State (Welles)

No. 1164

My Dear Mr. Under Secretary: At the time of my call on August 21 [23], I had the honor of informing you that my Government desires a recommendation on behalf of the American Government granting permission for the purchase here in the United States of a certain number of airplanes. I at that time tendered you certain details regarding our desire, and as well, advised you that this question was taken up with the Near Eastern Division of the State Department as well as with the President’s Liaison Committee of the Treasury Department.

I have assumed that you are already familiar with this question because your Chargé d’Affaires in Tehran has also been informed of this desire on the part of the Government of Iran.

You were so kind as to affirm to me that you will take this matter in hand and advise me of the result. As my Government is eager to know the decision of the United States Authorities in this regard, I shall be particularly grateful to you if you will kindly inform me of the action which has been taken in this respect.

With the assurance [etc.]

M. Schayesteh